Obsolescence Policy

Part obsolescence management – Supplier shall be responsible for managing part obsolescence over the entire period of the purchase order, and notwithstanding any obsolescence issues or problems, the supplier remains responsible for meeting all performance and other requirements of the purchase order. This obsolescence management responsibility includes an ongoing review and identification of actual and potential obsolescence issues, including but not limited to obsolescence of components, assemblies, sub-assemblies, piece parts, and material. The supplier is responsible for obtaining a replacement if and when any parts and/or material become obsolete. This includes, but is not limited to the investigating of part availability, interchangeability and substitutability, locating part replacement, drawing changes, etc. The seller shall notify Electro-Miniatures Corp., prior to implementation, of any configuration changes that affect the fit, form, or function of any purchase order end item due to parts and/or material obsolescence. In addition, the Electro-Miniatures buyer shall be notified immediately when any purchase order end item will be no longer available (last time buy/end of life) due to parts and/or material obsolescence.