Slip Ring Insights

We have compiled some great resources to help provide support and insights into the value of Slip Rings in various applications.

Detecting Coaxial Faults

This straightforward technique works in the frequency domain without the need for exotic test equipment to accurately find the distance to a fault in RF/microwave coaxial cables. by H. Perten

Slip Ring History Series: Charles H. Smith, Slip Ring Pioneer

Great opportunity to learn more about the pioneer of slips rings.

Brush Technology in 1916

No one seems to know who invented the sliding contact slip ring. The idea emerged from mists of the past like many ingenious things we take for granted…fire, the wheel, beer, domestication of animals and…slip rings. We know about Edison, the Wright brothers, (and their nemesis Curtiss,) Walter Reed and others whose inventions established whole industries. But what about that unsung hero who first passed current through a rotating surface?

Slip Ring Considerations For High Speed Signals

When signals must pass rotating surfaces such as in security cameras, gun turrets and sensor gimbals, engineers often employ sliding contact slip rings to allow unlimited rotation. The trend is for more digital signals and more high density digital signals.

Intro To Slip Ring Trade-Offs

Slip rings seem to be one of the last considerations for systems designers, and for good reasons. Before serious work can begin on a slip ring design, the circuit requirements for the system must be finalized.

Early Radar Slip Rings

Read part of an interview about how slip rings were designed in radar systems.