Slip Ring Design Capabilities

  • Solid Works
  • Autocad
  • Proprietary design protocols for mechanics, electronics and metallurgy
  • High circuit density on drum configurations
  • Pioneered designs using a drum within a drum

Electro-Miniatures takes a conservative and detail-driven approach to slip ring design.  This not only pays dividends in product performance, but it also supports achievement of on-time delivery and cost control.  Good designs are easier to manufacture, and when there are no surprises on the shop floor, production can proceed efficiently.

Electro-Miniatures’ design protocols and rigorous testing procedures achieve the highest levels of signal integrity and EMI isolation required in today’s defense systems.

The need in the marketplace to pass 1Gbit digital data signals led Electro-Miniatures to develop the High Speed Data Wizard, which can pass Ethernet 1000Base-T, IEEE 1394b (LVDS) and S800 without outside component boxes or powered circuitry to support it.  This simple and robust approach to passing data through rotating surfaces opens possibilities for creative new designs for turrets and gimbals.