Component Integration Engineering

The pressure is on today’s engineers to create designs that are more capable, smaller, lighter and less costly. At the same time they must find ways to streamline manufacturing and reduce administrative overhead. In some cases all these objectives can be achieved by designing integrated components that combine the functions of two or more traditionally discrete components. Rotating components such as motors, resolvers, encoders, fiber optic rotary joints, coax rotary joints and fluid unions can be integrated into one assembly that economizes on housing size and weight while eliminating the need for more than one set of bearings. The resulting contractual efficiency reduces demands on Purchasing and system assembly is simpler.

Electro-Miniatures can help you achieve these efficiencies. We maintain a network of contacts with the best component suppliers that complements our long experience with component integration. We maintain the expertise for fiber optics and coax rotary joint specification, resolver alignment, fluid pressure testing and electric motor integration.

Electro-Miniatures can shoulder your specialty design requirements, too. For example we design and produce fluid filled slip rings for deep sea applications that require thermostatically controlled heaters to maintain minimum viscosity at the low temperatures of the ocean depths. We can provide slip rings that provide complete EMI isolation from the outer environment by ensuring the housing acts as a Faraday cage. Or we can incorporate an EMI suppression filter to protect delicate circuits.