Photonics Mast Program

Non Hull-Penetrating Periscopes developed under the (“PMP”) or “Photonics Mast Program”, provide a technological advantage for the US Submarine fleet. Unlike conventional hull penetrating periscopes, “PMPs” do not take up cabin space in a submarine, and most importantly, can be electronically controlled to provide video and electronic information viewed at a remote console.

L-3 KEO, the world-wide leader in naval periscopes, was contracted by the US Defense Department’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (“DARPA”) to design and build a Non Hull-Penetrating Persicope. DARPA’s requirement for the PMP required that L-3 KEO incorporate multi-spectral imaging, including color TV and Thermal imaging, in addition to a Combat Console Control. Subsequent improvements to the NPP include Monochrome High Definition TV and Laser rangefinding, among others.

A key element to the success of the program was the fulfillment of the requirement for packaging numerous power, communications, and RF signals into a single unit, for operation in an oil-filled/undersea environment. Working closely with L-3 KEO and the US Navy, Electro-Miniatures Corp, was able to develop a design approach that played an important role in proving the viability of the PMP technology.

To date, EMC has been the exclusive supplier of slip-rings for the PMP program.