Slip Rings for Dummy’s – Part 1

At Electro-Miniatures, we focus on the design, development, manufacture, supply and service of specialized slip ring electro-mechanical assemblies for demanding aerospace, defense, medical and many other applications.  During the over 60 years we have been in the business, we have assembled a large library of designs in a variety of configurations from miniature capsule assemblies to large radar pedestal slip rings. 

In this blog post, we want to share some of the basics about Slip Rings. We hope that you enjoy and learn about the importance of slip rings.

Slip Ring for Dummies Part 1

Q: What is a slipring?

A: In basic English a slipring is a device that enables a rotation of 360° electrical current flowing through it. Although we call it an electrical component, a slipring is actually passive.

Q: How does it work?

A: The way a slipring works is by using contacts, brushes, and rings all working together to establish an electrical current. The contact is established by a brush that presses against a metal ring. The “brush” can look like a brush made from metal fibers, but more often it looks like a single wire or a spring ring. Wires lead from the brushes and from the rings, and these are used to connect the electrical circuits.

Q: Where are sliprings found in everyday life?

A: Some common applications are:

  • wind turbines
  • security cameras
  • satellites
  • cranes
  • steering wheels
  • radar detectors
  • weather radars
  • submarines
  • tanks

Today’s slip rings are reliable, have a long service life and can be designed for extraordinary environments, including the vacuum of space, the shock of a tank gun turret or the vibration of a helicopter rotor, all three of which EMC designs and manufactures for.

Published on March 12, 2019