Model 2449-00

*Units are in Inches

CURRENT: .5 AMP per circuit
DIELECTRIC STRENGTH:300 VRMS, 60 CPS for 60 sec. min.
NOISE: .75 millivolts peak to peak measured on a band width of 5 MHZ while rotating at 60 and 600 R.P.M.
INSULATION RESISTANCE: 1000 MEGOHMS min. @ 500 volts D.C. for 60 sec. min.
TORQUE: Shall not exceed 2.5 in-oz. break away.
CONTACT RESISTANCE: .015 OHM x lead length (in.) +.1 OHMS max.
PEAK:1.0 AMPS RMS for .5 sec. min
STEADY:0.5 AMPS with no spiking
LIFE: 100,000 rev with no spiking

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