Featured Assemblies

Seizing the Beachhead

Amphibious Assault Vehicles (AAV’s) are the first ashore when the Marines mount an assault for the sea. EMC slip rings are used in many different applications and systems to aid all branches of the military.

Slip Ring Reliability

EMC was instrumental in developing the RAM Guided Missile Launcher System (Rolling Airframe Missile). US Navy ships employ this system to defend against incoming anti-ship cruise missiles.

Reach for the STARS

EMC slip rings are part of the Solar Array Drive Assemblies (SADA’s) for Google Earth Imagery Satellites produced by the Sierra Nevada Corporation

Slip Ring Assembly 2570-01-3

Panasonic eXconnect Broadband Connectivity System

EMC continues to provide hundreds of slip rings to make it possible for Southwest Airlines and others to offer entertainment, telephone and broadband internet on its flights using the Panasonic eXconnect system.