Markets Served

Satellite solar arrays, infra-red counter-measures, laser targeting systems, unmanned air vehicles, tank turrets and submarine periscopes…what do all these technological marvels have in common?  They all use EMC slip rings to enable key components to rotate while performing electrical and electronic functions.  From the frigid vacuum of high earth orbit to the briny depths of the oceans, Electro-Miniatures slip rings perform for defense customers in four key segments:

  • Space Satellites – Flight Heritage SADAs, CMGs & High-Gain Antennas
  • Military Aircraft – Avionics, guidance & navigation, countermeasures, communications, data links, targeting pods and EO/IR systems for fixed, rotary, and UAV platforms
  • Missiles – Guidance & navigation
  • Mobile/Armored Vehicles – Hull-Turret for tanks, fighting vehicles & amphibious, remotely operated weapon systems, target / viewing systems, radars
  • Naval Ships and Submarines – periscopes, sight systems, search & track radar systems, fire control systems, missile launchers
  • Ground-based pedestals – Weather, defense, missile launchers,
  • Commercial Airlines – Satcom antenna systems for IFE

To meet the needs of these customers for high performance specialized slip ring assemblies, EMC has developed electrical slip ring technology second to none, world-class design techniques for compact packaging, superior program management and complete in-house US-based manufacturing capability.  To meet the increasing need for integrated assemblies, EMC possesses the expertise to package vertically integrated assemblies that include:

  • Encoders and Resolvers
  • Fiber Optics
  • Fluids
  • RF
  • High-speed data/Ethernet (1Gig)
  • Active electronics/heaters, etc.

While 90% of the company’s business is with prime defense contractors, the capabilities developed to serve this market enable EMC to excel in targeted high performance commercial markets such as rate tables and commercial airline satellite communications.