Enclosed Signal Thru-Bore

The Electro-Miniatures' Enclosed Signal Thru-Bore product line is optimized to carry a generous compliment of Analog, RF and/or Digital Control signals. Custom contact materials and shielding permit the incorporation of both High Speed Digital and RF signals while minimizing cross-talk and interference. Standard, modified standard and custom designs are also available:

  Key Features

Model 2370-00
  • Used in a Masthead for Mobile Ground Equipment
  • Generous 1.85" Thru Bore
  • Custom bearing lubricant for low temperature applications
  • Signal count up to 25 circuits

Model 2414-00
  • Lightweight, all Aluminum construction
  • Up to 68 signal circuits available
  • Radial rotor leadwire exit for confined areas

Model 2500 Series
  • Large bore stainless steel shaft construction (2.88")
  • Thin I.D. to O.D. cross-section (0.66")
  • Low resistance 2.5 milli-Ohm case ground ring
  • 38 Signal circuits available

Model 2515-00
  • Thru Bore of 1.00" diameter
  • Signal quantities up to 180 circuits
  • Power circuits available
  • Thru bore of 1.625 with 270 signal circuits is also available
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